Decrease of melanic pigments at skin surface (stratum corneum)              Even skin tone effect Lightning effect Color reduction of pigmented areas.

The major function of Glutathione is in the detoxification of foreign chemical, compounds such as carcinogens and harmful metabolites. There is no question at all because it’s already been proven that L-Glutathione is really effective in whitening the skin for its works by reducing the melanin formation safely.

KOJIC Acid is a natural crystal like substance that is used is skin whitening products. It is usually found in a cream form and mixed in at different percentages with the cream. kojic acid is effective in lightening dark scars, brown spots and even melasma.

Waltheria Indica Leaf extracts that improves overall skin tone and prevents formation of melanin pigments. This cream also moisturizes and hydrates the skin so that skin will never feel dry. With just a drop or two at night.

Mannitol it is used primarily as a humectants, but can also be found serving as a binder, masking agent, moisturizing agent, flavoring agent (in lip balms, etc.) and skin conditioner.

Composition:Waltheria Indica Leaf Extract, Arbutin, glutathione,Mannitol ,Sodium Gluconate ,Citric Acid ,Sodium Citrate,Dextrin,Stearic Acid,Polawax,Cetomacrogol 1000,Cetosteryl alcohol,Isopropyl myristate,butyhydroxytoulene,Propylene glycol,Methyl paraben,Propyl Paraben,benzohenone 3,Potasium Sorbate,EDTA,Triethanolamine,titanium di oxide, aqua Fragrance.

Dry face with a towel.

Apply 2-3 drops and gently pat into your skin fully absorbed before Revitalizing All-in-One Essence.

Night time only .
for best results, keep the product at around 15℃.                                                                          Presentation: Dann White available 30gram

Marketed by: Dann Health & skincare (pvt) ltd


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