Cosmeceutical term created in 1990s from cosm(etic) + (pharma)ceutic

  • It’s a cosmetic product claimed to have medicinal
    or drug-like benefits.
  • Examples: Anti-aging creams, serums,
    Moisturizers etc.
  • These are marketed as cosmetics, but contain
    biologically active ingredients.
  • Majority of cosmeceutical products are not subjected
    to review and approval process
  • Fastest growing segment of Cosmetics & Personal Care.

Need for Cosmeceutical

—Products work at cellular level and treat imperfections

—Avoid harsh chemicals  associated with cosmetic products

—Effectively counter the effect of changing environmental conditions

—Single product can be used for multiple purposes

—Cost effective alternate to cosmetic surgery

—Ability to resolve the cause rather than covering

Cosmeceutical in Cosmetics

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